The Motivation Myth

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  • This communication tools are good people skills and are useful everywhere.
  • The book increased performance, motivation and inspiration, and improved self-confidence.

The Motivation Myth: the simple yet powerful key to unlock human potential and create inspired performance and achievement

Most people believe praise, appreciation, and compliments are great ways to motivate and inspire people. Many think these communication tools are good people skills and are useful everywhere ~ from parenting to the boardroom, from friendship to leadership, from relationships to coaching. People mistakenly believe these tools are the keys to unlock human potential.

That is a myth, says Mattison Grey and Jonathan Manske. Praise, compliments, and appreciation do not do what people think they do. They do not unlock human potential.

In this provocative and compelling book, Grey and Manske debunk the myth that performance, achievement, confidence, and connection ~ at work, at school, and at home ~ are improved by these communication tools.

Fortunately, there is an alternative, acknowledgement. This communication tool is the cure for underperformance, lack of self-confidence, and ineffective motivation techniques.

Grey and Manske have seen it over and over again ~ acknowledgement changes lives! Acknowledgement effectively produces the results ~ increased performance, motivation and inspiration, and improved self-confidence ~ these other communication tools try to accomplish but do not.

The Motivation Myth draws on scientific research, anecdotal stories from interesting people, and thirty-five plus years of combined experience in using and teaching the tool of acknowledgement.

Grey and Manske reveal the simple yet effective communication tool of acknowledgment and how to work with it to motivate and inspire with integrity and grace. Acknowledgement is the invisible language of results!

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